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Under a sort of hymn festival opened on 19 Kazantip

On the night opened the most famous in the post-Soviet space dance festival. KaZantip, has already become a cult classic and international, to meet his top 19 under that something like a hymn. Why such a statement? It's very simple, widely deployed in the winter the company for the election anthem came to nothing, the jury did not choose smglo thing of which would be "goose bumps ran through the skin." Do not think of anything better as slabat Organizing Committee itself is not very soulful theme. Nevertheless, the start of the new season in Popovka dan zhedayuschih to enter the territory of the republic has not diminished, the country opened its borders and visas sold ..

Visa, which provides unlimited access to the territory of the Republic of Z over the entire period of its implementation, this year the opening day of 2000 cost the hryvnia, for those who had registered on the website - 1,6 thousand hryvnia, one-time entry - 800 hryvnia . Yellow bag, made by rules KaZantipa, remains one of his characters and subject to advance registration entitles you free entrance to the Z area.


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